Back home - under 0° C.

Its cold outside and the first snow lies on the roofs. Back home means that i am back from Switzerland, where i cooked green cabbage with smoked pork chop and the typical thick sausage. Everbody there was happy and the whole house smells like cabbage too.


Next week we get a new internet connection, hopefully that fast like we ordered. In the past no Provider Company can hold there promises. Telecom, Alice and O2, nobody can reach there own goals.

We live just arround the corner to the police headquarter of hamburg, but no company could bring good DSL transfer rates (upload & download) in our house. In the past you had always problems to get out of the contract, because most of them running one year and if you dont quit 3 month before the end, he will run another more year automatically.


The "Telefonica O2 Company" was customer friendly to us and let us out in just a couple of days. We must tell here, that this company was the one and only company who made over all the time we where a customer of them a perfect service to us. Even when we had a problem with one invoice, something was wrong. There where no dissussion, they give us the money (it was a lot) back. So, i hope that we will get a better performance with a new cable from "" in the house.

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