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My US Dad.. Jim !
My US Dad.. Jim !

So, the new year started already. As i promised my wife i will stay a while in my hometown hamburg. Now i am here a little bit more than 2 month and i will leave again.


All the inspiration i got on my journeys over the past 2 Years have a result. This result shows me that i must live different than all the years before. I met people with less money but they where rich and i met people with money and they where really poor.


In Germany everbody has right, while they drive, in the supermarket and in a lot of other situations. I must leave because i saw a better life, with more friendly people, more love and a lot more inspirations.


The TV Programm in germany is unbelievable bad. In the last years the TV standart level was bad, but it goes down and down every day. Make the people stupid, don´t give them education.


I had friends who just talk over money, cars and ladys. They dont want to see other things in there live and they dont want to listen, thats for me really poor.


I talked nearly one hour with a buddist monk and i talked with native indians and with people who lived in the jungle.


Now i know... i am 51 years old and i must change my life for the rest of my lifetime i still have on this planet.

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